ELECFREAKS Smart Cutebot Pro, Programming Robot Car For micro:bit

Note: Our products are not equipped with batteries due to customs issues.
You can find the introduction of this product and many educational cases in our wiki.

Link: http://wiki.elecfreaks.com/en/microbit/microbit-smart-car/microbit-smart-cutebot-pro/

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ELECFREAKS micro:bit Smart Cutebot Pro Robot Car Kit is a programming robot for STEAM education, it equips with a 4-way infrared line-following sensor, an encoder motor, the LED rainbow light, an ultrasonic sensor, and other devices. With the encoder motors, the Cutebot Pro provides the flexibility to control the distance the cart travels and enables more precise control of the turning angle. The Cutebot Pro also offers a variety of expansion interfaces to allow for the expansion of additional hardware to stimulate your child's imagination and creativity.


Product Comparison


Closed-loop motor for more precise driving

Compared with Cutebot, our cutebot pro has an upgraded motor. From the open-loop motor to the closed-loop motor, the ELECFREAKS micro:bit Smart Cutebot Pro Robot Car can receive instructions more accurately and the driving route can be more accurate.


Four-way line inspection to identify more complex lines

ELECFREAKS micro:bit Smart Cutebot Pro is upgraded to four-way line inspection, which can identify more complex intersections such as crossroads or T-junctions. Four lines of line inspection sensor data can be fused into one line of analog data to realize PID line inspection. At the same time, it can also combine many sensors and building blocks to realize more application scenarios.




Comes with a lithium battery for the power supply

The newly upgraded Cutebot Pro no longer needs to buy a lithium battery expansion pack. It carries a lithium battery box and supports 2000ma lithium battery power supply, which makes the battery life longer and can create more cases.


More sensors and structural parts can be expanded

ELECFREAKS micro:bit Smart Cutebot Pro Robot Car adds an additional motor expansion interface, adding more holes for structural parts, which can expand structural devices such as mechanical arms, and can create more fighting cases.


The car is more atmospheric and the appearance is more beautiful.

Compared with Cutebot, its body is larger, the motor torque is greater, and the speed is faster. At the same time, our engineers combined the aerodynamic design and used wider tires, which have a stronger grip and smoother driving.




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