The Raspberry Pi Pico series is a small, fast, and versatile board built around the RP2040.
From light displays and IoT devices to signage and manufacturing processes, the Raspberry Pi Pico family provides the power to drive countless home, industrial, and hobby activities.

Programmable in C and MicroPython, Raspberry Pi Pico is suitable for a wide range of applications and skill levels, and getting up and running is as easy as dragging and dropping files.

Experienced users can take advantage of the Raspberry Pi Pico's wide range of peripherals, including SPI, I2C, and eight programmable I/O (PIO) state machines to support custom peripherals.

Raspberry Pi Pico microcontrollers are very common these days. They are user-friendly. ELECFREAKS is providing Raspberry Pi Pico starter kits of the best quality to customers.