Preview Of NFC Computer Unlocker Project.


Mr Hans Tischer used our NFC Bridge to Unlock a NFC Computer.  We can preview it from Youtube . Him said “Short preview of my NFC Computer Unlocker, using NFC Bridge by elecfreaks with Arduino, and Thanks to Lewis”  and  he work on the site but it not finish with this . He thought  next…

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Tomb-Sweeping Festival Holiday Schedule

tomb-sweeping festival

Tomb-sweeping Festival, also known as the  Ching Ming Festival or Spring Remembrance,  is when Chinese families show their respect by visiting the graves of their ancestors to clear away weeds, touch up gravestone inscriptions and make offerings of wine and fruit. This ancestor worship is a Chinese tradition dating back thousands of…

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Elecfreaks Wiki Tutorial Updated


To make electronic design and innovation easier, Elecfreaks persistently concentrated offering various  shields,  modules, sensors, octopus bricks, PCB service and other open source hardware to the makers all over the world, and as our business has covered over 100 regions and countries, we attached much importance to improve and enrich Wiki tutorial…

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Credit card of VISA and JCB accepted


Here we have a thrillingly wonderful news to share with you that after two years of difficult negociations, the credit card payment of VISA and JCB can eventually be supported from our website company, which means from now on, besides paypal, customers are capable of increasing two extra payment method, then…

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Easy Wifi Shield


Smart home means home appliances are connected together via a  wireless network and controlled through a wireless device, on which Wifi played an important role bridging them, but most of wifi  in the market are a little expensive that maybe many prototype makers can’t afford it. Are you still annoyed with the wifi…

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Refrigeration Tablet User Guide

Semiconductor Refrigeration Tablet_A

Refrigeration tablet can also be called as thermoelectric semiconductor refrigeration components, or Peltier and so on. As the refrigeration tablet is divided into two sides, one for endothermic side, while the other for radiating side, just playing the thermal role, not producing cold by itself, so it should be called…

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DIY your Physical Flappy bird in a box


Believe that the people who are fond of mobile phone games have hardly not heard from flappy bird, as such a simple game became so darn popular that even if it has been off shelf from the APP store, the crazy enthusiasts even choosed to purchase the used mobile phone,…

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Bluetooth Wireless Upload User Guide


Based on HC-05 Bluetooth module or Bluetooth Shield, Bluetooth wireless upload is a low-cost way for Arduino Users to achieve wireless  program upload, as long as you have HC-05 Bluetooth module and Arduino UNO Mainboard, or Arduino pro mini board, you can achieve Bluetooth wireless updating the program. Compared with the official…

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resume to work after Chinese new year


Hi, everyone, how time flies. After 12 days of  relaxed and happy Chinese new year from Jan 26 th to Feb 6th, we resume to normal and intense work from today, Feb 7th. We will make sure that all the suspended orders and emails will be promptly processed and if you have…

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2014 Chinese new year holiday schedule


For the people who know something about Chinese customs, they should have idea that Chinese new year is as important as Christmas in western countries. Generally speaking, western people would enjoy more than one month holiday to celebrate Christmas with beloved families, getting away from work, taking trip, sending gifts…

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