Announcement! ELECFREAKS Become the First New Sponsor of Pi Wars 2024!

Announcement! ELECFREAKS Become the First New Sponsor of Pi Wars 2024!

As a brand renowned for its commitment to making coding accessible, ELECFREAKS is proud to align itself to become the first new sponsor of Pi Wars 2024, which has a long-standing tradition of showcasing the very best in building robots and has been organized since 2014. By joining forces, ELECFREAKS and Pi Wars aim to push the boundaries of what's possible and elevate the competition to new heights.


Pi Wars is an international, challenge-based robotics competition in which teams build Raspberry Pi-controlled robots and then compete in various non-destructive challenges to earn points. There will be 76 teams across the competition, which is open to anyone from around the world and in the past has included teams from countries including all areas of the UK, the USA, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Turkey, and Nigeria.38 of these will be Young Teams from schools and clubs and 38 will be other sorts of teams including members of regional Makespaces, private companies, families, and solo hobbyists.

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The sponsorship between ELECFREAKS and Pi Wars is a natural fit, as both share a common goal of nurturing talent and inspiring individuals to reach their full potential in the robotics coding and building area.

You can see the trailer for Pi Wars 2024!

Here is more information about Pi Wars 2024 and ELECFREAKS.