World Earth Day: We are taking action to protect the green earth

World Earth Day: We are taking action to protect the green earth

The Earth, the blue planet, carries our laughter, tears, and endless hopes. Every year on April 22, World Earth Day comes as scheduled, reminding us to pay attention to environmental issues, cherish natural resources, and jointly protect this fragile planet.


Origin and Development of World Earth Day

The origin of Earth Day can be traced back to the United States in 1970. At that time, due to the acceleration of industrialization, environmental pollution, and ecological damage became increasingly serious, which attracted widespread attention from the public and environmental protection organizations. To arouse public attention to environmental issues, U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson and Harvard University student Dennis Hayes initiated a large-scale environmental protection campaign, which received warm responses from all walks of life nationwide. Since then, April 22nd every year has been designated as "World Earth Day".

Today, World Earth Day has developed into one of the world's largest civil environmental protection activities, attracting hundreds of millions of people to participate every year.


World Earth Day is not only a commemorative day but also an action day. It reminds us to respect nature, protect the environment, and take practical actions to address global environmental issues.

In China, the "ant forest" project launched by Alipay is a vivid example. Through users' low-carbon behaviors, such as walking, cycling, and reducing paper bills, Alipay will accumulate "green energy" for users, which will join with public welfare organizations to plant a real tree in reality and contribute to the greening of the earth.

ELECFREAKS, as a technology innovation company, actively participates in this project. So far, we have planted more than 5000 trees in provinces such as Gansu and Qinghai, and have participated in greening the earth through practical actions.


The embodiment of the environmental protection concept in products


"How to promote environmental protection through technological innovation" is a question that ELECFREAKS has been considering.

Therefore, we integrate the concept of environmental protection into the product design and manufacturing process. We always insist on using renewable pigments and PVC materials to produce product blocks, ensuring that the products not only bring fun to consumers but also meet environmental standards. ELECFREAKS promises to consumers that purchasing our products will not damage any plant on Earth or pollute the atmosphere.


As an educational product manufacturer, we hope to establish environmental protection concepts for children from the product itself, in addition to environmental protection in materials.

For example, our upcoming climate suit aims to teach children to explore the impact of climate,
By understanding climate change and its impacts, we help children establish a preliminary understanding of environmental protection. When children understand the causes and consequences behind phenomena such as rising sea levels and loss of biodiversity, they will cherish and care for the natural environment more and develop an awareness of environmental protection.

When children become advocates and practitioners of environmental protection, they will become an important force in promoting the development of environmental protection, thereby promoting the investment and change of the entire society in environmental protection. ELECFREAKS hopes to promote the popularization and deepening of environmental education through our products.



Let us work together to protect our green home!

This beautiful planet is suffering from destruction. Global warming, depletion and destruction of the ozone layer, reduction of biodiversity, spread of acid rain, sharp decrease of forests, land desertification, atmospheric pollution, water pollution, marine pollution......

There is only one Earth, we are here to thrive. We must protect our common mother. So for individuals, how can we protect her? First, protect animals and plants and get along well with nature. Second, reduce the use of plastic products and pay attention to garbage classification. Third, choose public transportation more often and reduce exhaust emissions. Fourth, cherish food. Fifth, use electricity reasonably and save water...... Everyday activities of human beings are related to the future of the earth.


There is only one earth, we exist and grow together


Environmental protection is not an empty slogan but requires each of us to start from small things, start from ourselves, and support and participate in environmental protection. Whether through participating in projects like "Ant Forest" or choosing companies like ELECFREAKS that promote environmental protection through technological innovation, every small action will have a positive impact on protecting our planet.

World Earth Day reminds us that the Earth is our common home, and protecting the environment and cherishing the Earth is everyone's responsibility. Let us work together to leave a better home for future generations.