Adaption of micro:bit Retro Arcade with MicroCode

Adaption of micro:bit Retro Arcade with MicroCode

1. Profile

You can finish programming whenever and wherever without a computer, only with micro:bit V2, retro arcade, and MicroCode.

1.1 Specifications

1. Child-friendly programming icons.

2. You can start programming when you turn on the machine, and run it immediately.

3. Can store multiple programs.

4. Offline programming, independent of the computer.


2. Hardware Preparation

Micro:bit V2, Newbit Arcade Shield,3 AAA dry batteries


3. Offline Programming Environment Configuration

3.1 Download hex files

According to the options of languages, you can choose different hex files.

Hex files of Chinese

Hex files of English


3.2 Save it to micro:bit V2


3.3 Operation interface


4. Start editing programming offline

4.1 Use programming of built-in example


Select the "Smiley Face Button" example


When pushing button A, micro:bit shows a smile.


4.2 Editing programming offline.

Step 1: Enter the editing interface.


Step 2: Select the key trigger.


Step 3: Selection is triggered by key A.


Step 4: When push button A, the icon will be shown.


Step 5: Editors show icons of EF.


Finish offline coding programming.


Show results.