Black Wings (3.3v/5v Power Module Breadboard Adapter)

Black Wings (3.3v/5v Power Module Breadboard Adapter)

Black Wings is a power module for the standard bread board. It can fit for 3 kinds of bread board. This breadboard power shield support Mini USB power supply and Power jack 7-12V supply. There are two independent power that 5V/3.3V optional. Tow power switchs on board can control each side voltage independent.

It's indeed neat and concave design so will not waste your proto zone.


Q: why did you not make USB available through a 2 pin header, or a variant that holds a FTDI chip on the bottom such that you have a uart availabe. Eesentially now you waste a USB port wich could be used for debug or other purposes...  ??  

A: The suggestion is really representative of the needs of some people, however we must consider the cost and size..  So we have an other product can achieve similar functionality - XBee/Bluetooth Bee USB Adapter with integrated FT232RL IC, It can be used for programming or communicating with board which basic Arduino but without USB interface,like Sniffer Nano.

The UART Pin order is : VCC , TX , RX , GND.It's also can support power supply 3.3V/5V to Breadboard which could be selected by the switch. And set aside the UART interface and have a uart availabe. Of course it also need two jumper wires.