Bluetooth to IR remote control translator

Bluetooth to IR remote control translator

James Rudge is one of those guys on a quest to control everything with one device. His tool of choice is an Android phone, which can do quite a lot right out of the box. But he was never satisfied with its lack of IR remote control abilities. He fixed that feature-gap by building a Bluetooth to Infrared translator. We love the potential of this hack. The Bluetooth module runs from 3.3V, and reading serial data and flashing an LED is extremely simple. You should be able to use a small uC, say an ATtiny13, and a 3.3V regulator to miniaturize the module. We could see this plugging into the USB port on the back of a TV for power, with a wire extension to put the LED into position. The only shortfall is the inability to turn the TV on remotely when drawing power this way. Remote codes aren’t particularly large to store either. So this would be pretty easy to extend to full control of all IR-compatible home entertainment devices.

NOTE: This code only works with Samsung IR Protocol other TV types will not work.

Hardware prepared

  • Arduino Diecimila, Recommend  Freaduino v1.0 with ATMega328 (100% Arduino compatible)
  • Bluetooth Modem - Minimum pass-through module
  • IR LED
  • Android phone
  • Power supply

 Software prepared

  • AndroidIR(by  James Rudge )
  • Samsung Blinkie Arduino Code( by  James Rudge )
  • Blueterm App  ( by  James Rudge )
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------
  • Reference
  • Benny Blue App (by Kucza’s )
  • Google's Android App Inventor (free)
  • Arduino Development Software (free)



Samsung LCD TV Device Code 7.7 Samsung TV Remote Function Codes: 004                    1 005                    2 006                    3 007                   Volume Up 008                    4 009                    5 010                     6 011                     Volume Down 012                     7 013                     8 014                     9 015                     0 016                     Channel Down 018                     Channel Up 031                     Info 037                     Subtitle 039                     Audio Description 040                     Picture Mode 043                     Sound Mode 044                     Teletext 075                     Tools 079                     Guide 095                     Left 096                     Up 097                     Down 098                     Right 104                     Select 152                     Power Off 153                     Power On