Climbing Machine

Climbing Machine


I found many projects of the climbing machines made in 3D printers, whereas I do not have them in hand, thus I am making a climbing machine with the bricks.


micro:bit V2 x 1

Nezha expansion board x 1

360° servos x 2

Bricks x n

Assembly steps

Here I only display parts of the assembly as the others are relatively simple to complete:

1.Connections of servos and bricks.

2.In case of any reversing case happens, here I use a ratchet.

3.Here goes the same with a ratchet.

4.The overview.

Hardware Connections

Connect the servo to S1 port on the Nezha expansion board.

Software Programming

Go to MakeCode editor:( Click “Extensions” to add Nezha expansion package.

Search with “Nezha” in the dialogue box to download it.




It climbs forward after powering on.