Contact Enhancement With Distributors

Contact Enhancement With Distributors

Elecfreaks are always trying best to enhance customers experience, but no matter how hard we worked, for the part of distributor contact, there are still many aspects which we need to improve, therefore, we emailed many distributors to seek their views, and eventually, we gained a variety of practicable recommendations. Based on these advice, we made up a series of systems to enhance the contact with the distributors, including initiative to provide the price support improving the after-sales service, increasing information transfer, and more importantly, promoting project customization with email sending to or making some noise on the Forum or Project.

Price Support

We are micro bit suppliers.some distributors gave us the feedback that profit marge too small and Shipping expensive, they loose 10% also with USD exchange rate, and we can understand the troublesome case, therefore, just as what we are talking about before, we should provide the best support to our distributors, so next time the distributors want to place order and complete the order list , it is advised that you can send the list to us (, and we hope we can try our best , for some products which we have comparatively - big profit , to provide better price than the discount coupon the distributors currently have.


After-sales Service

We admit the mutual respect and trust between micro bit supplier and the distributor is very important and we also would like to establish the strong link with the distributors, so we plan to improve the after-sales service in many aspects, for example, price quotation quality feedback, shipment, packing, project cooperation and so on. And if you have any advice for the strong link establish, really hope you can communicate with us.

Information Transfer

Some distributors honestly criticize  micro bit suppliers that one of the things that made them feel really let down from Elecfreaks  is when we got another distributor in their country besides them without letting them  know or even talked to them  before we make that decision. For this point, we really feel shamed about it,  and we can only in the future do better to make up. In the future if we plan to add distributor in one country we will ask the original distributor's opinion in that country, also, inform them of our final decision for adding a distributor or not. 

 They also felt when we recently launch in Indiegogo the "NFC product" that we did not engage our distributors and customers sufficiently which was a shame. It is good advice, We indeed should inform the distributors many latest infor about us, for example, right now we are researching a big project about the "flight control " and have plan to put it into Kickstarter, so this time, about this project process, we will inform the distributors.

Project Customization

 we feel (because we know the market) that a step in developing certain products and sell them in partnership is a good approach. For this part, we always welcome any person or company to customize project here, but before we want to charge about  2000USD development  fees, so many projects were delayed as the development fees, but in the future, in order to encourage more distributors, or other DIY hobbyists, we will cancel the development fees only if the partner can approve the estimated order quantity, we are willing to spare efforts to help our partner to do something.