Elecfreaks HoneyComb Enter IFA2017

Elecfreaks HoneyComb Enter IFA2017

From September 1st to September 6th of 2017, Berlin international fair center in German has welcomed its annually electronic consumer fair again. As the biggest consumer electronic fair in the world, IFA is always the most important information exchange platform and place for knowing and consulting business development in consumer electronic industry. IFA has gathered the best brands, best products and most front technologies of the industry. It depicts a blue print for our future life. It is the best platform for manufacturers from all over the world to "show their muscles". In this fair, every company participated in this fair is actively promoting their star products. And, of course, our company ElecFreaks is not excluded. This time, ElecFreaks brought HoneyComb series products to Berlin. You might want to know HoneyComb, our star product. So let's take a look at HoneyComb in the fair.

HoneyComb can change everything conductive into music instrument

Look! Children are playing happily.


Real-time music show

Play HoneyComb with Lego building blocks

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What is HoneyComb? HoneyComb is a set of playful electronic blocks, designed for STEM education and for makers of all ages and skill levels. With 50+ different types of blocks and endless combinations, you can quickly design, program, and prototype your own creations .HoneyCombs have 3 Colors and 3 Functions: Input, Logic, and Output bricks. Snap they together create what inventions you want. It's that simple. With the right tools, anyone can be an inventor. No coding and no computer requirement. Music Kit can change everything conductive into an instrument. Turn a pumpkin into a drum or bananas into piano. Feel the world is your symphony. You can practically turn any conductive objects into musical instruments, so you or your children can go and explore the life, and discover that everything is musical. Why HoneyComb is so popular? IFA2017 major in "creation" and "future". And HoneyComb is the result of creation and future. As the conception of artificial intelligence becomes more and more popular today, schools in every country in the world are paying more and more attention to cultivate children's practice ability, program ability, and creation ability. The existence of HoneyComb has changed people's traditional conception of boring electronics study. By combining products with serial courses configured, it has connected knowledge of different subjects, enhanced interdisciplinary cooperation, which enables children to learn comprehensive knowledge of science, technology, engineering, art and algebra during practice and play. It is a breakthrough for traditional electronics study.