ELECFREAKS micro:bit tutorial updated notification

ELECFREAKS micro:bit tutorial updated notification

In the past years, we attached much importance on the optimization of our WIKI and in order to provide a better experience for browsing the WIKI, we choose to build them with Readthedocs+Github and make them open to all customers.  

We have listed all the kits on the left column for looking up the exact micro bit tutorials that you want easily, and we are always enriching our micro bit tutorials with the update of our new products.

Downloading the zip WIKI files from the items pages on our web-shop has been abandoned, now you can see our WIKI are displayed in the form of the WEB, it is more convenient for customers to check. 

Generally speaking, each WIKI of the kit includes the introduction and the cases, besides the words description, we also use pictures to enhance the explanation.

Take Cutebot for an expmle:

It includes the products description, introduction, pictures, parameter, modules description and ect.


Additionally, what our customers adore most would be the cases on how to get them connected and how to achieve the functions for each module and sensor.


All in all, our technique teams are always doing our best with our passion to make the best service to our users, we dare not say we are perfect enough without any drawback, please do let us know if you have any suggestions and you are always welcomed to contact us at services@elecfreaks.com.

You may also revise our WIKI on GitHub and we will check them at the first time once we get them! Thank you so much for your support and we will provide gifts to partners who give valuable suggestions to them!

GitHub address: https://github.com/elecfreaks/learn-en

ELECFREAKS micro bit tutorial: https://elecfreaks.com/learn-en/