Elecfreaks Wiki Tutorial Updated

Elecfreaks Wiki Tutorial Updated

To make electronic design and innovation easier, Elecfreaks persistently concentrated offering various  shields,  modules, sensors, octopus bricks, PCB service and other open source hardware to the makers all over the world, and as our business has covered over 100 regions and countries, we attached much importance to improve and enrich Wiki tutorial over the past one year, so besides the original Wiki Product Page , our technical team specifically established the Wiki Tutorial Page  to enable the customers enjoy better user experience.


To facilitate the users promptly search the specific tutorail they want, temporarily until the present, we classified the existing - accomplished user guides to 8  categories, just like the above figure shown,  including Shield, Module, Wireless, GPS/GPRS, Raspberry Pi, Sensor, Octopus Bricks, LCD. Of course with the perfection and abundance of the tutorial, the categories would become increasingly more concrete and detailed.


Different from the Wiki product page, we sticked the product image here so that the customers can directly perceived what they want to search through the clear view and impression. Just click the red zone, you can enter into the corresponding tutorial page.


Generally speaking, the tutorial would include the main 7 parts as illustrated above, covering general introduction, preparation, operation steps, Q&A, further more, the download address for the tutorial PDF format, and for every part, besides the simple and clear text description, we also added the picture to enhance understanding. Take EFCom Pro Tutorial for example, when presented how to connect the Bee Adapter and the EFCom Pro, we elaborately prepared the connection chart as shown below.

guide-EFcom pro-70

All in one word, our technical team are always trying best to better service our users, but we believe that the tutorials still existed defects and the place which need to be improved.  So if you have any problem, please feel free to contact us by sending email to services@elecfreaks.com