ELF II VRDrone, a perfect option for Christmas Gift for year 2016

ELF II VRDrone, a perfect option for Christmas Gift for year 2016

A perfect option for Christmas Gift for year 2016

Christmas is coming, what are you gonna prepare for your family? Pen, Teddy Bear, Barbie, Mask...? Hell no, it gotta be new, cool, savvy, trendy...

Try ELF II VRDrone!

Drone is really popular, soon everyone is gonna hold a drone in their hands. What if there is a drone that is palm-sized, with a 720p HD camera, VR compatible, APP Control, safe, easy to fly, perfect for selfie-taking and short video, would you buy it? Your kids would love you more if they can have one on Christmas.
Is it only a toy for fun? No, this version is a DIY Kit with which you can build a Drone together with your kids. You share the with your kids with the Drone knowledge about its structures, theories, and most importantly, the achievement sense of making. They are gonna go nuts about it, they will take their own Drones with them everywhere they go.
Yes, you are right. This is what we call maker education, or edutainment. You don't want to see your kids falling behind others. 
  It's also a good toy/tool for adults. A new option for taking a selfie with a bird's view. Need a selfie of your family reunion, fly your drone to do it. Spread the fun. 
There is no remote controller, you just do it on your smartphone via an APP.
Remember it's also VR compatible, you fly your drone, and your friends or family who has a VR glass can see the view you shoot for them.
What's more, you buy one now and get the free VR glass as a gift.

Last but not least, Share the video/photo you take with your drone with your friends or followers on Facebook, twitter, google+, instagram,... you name it.