FreaksWar Robotics Combat System


FreaksWar is a self-contained robotics combat system, including pearl bullets, 4× FreaksCannons, 6×FreaksMecas, 2× base blood boards, VR boxes, a live streaming system, a score system and a battlefield. Both teams shoot to kill, with the score system to decide who is the winner. Both FreaksCannons and FreaksMecas are equipped with an omni-directional cannon, easy to rotate and engage. There are two teams: Red Team and Green Team, with their cool names from Transformers, or you can name them your own way.

In the battlefield setting,both FreaksCannons are fixated on both sides of the base blood board, guarding and protecting from it's rivals. All FreaksMecas are built with 4 mecanum wheels, agile to move forward, backward, sideways, used for attacking rival FreaksMecas, FreaksCannons and base blood board.


Each team has 6 players, of which 3 FreaksMeca players, 2 FreaksCannon players and 1 commander. Wearing a pair of VR glasses in first person view, all participants fire at their rivals by controlling the remote. The intensity of the battlefield will be streamed live on the TV screen, so the audience will have a better view. At the beginning of the war, every device is filled with 100 blood volume. When you fire at each other on the battlefield, the blood that's reflected on the electronic score system will be deducted accordingly. The blood of the device is also indicated by an LED on the device. You'll see the light flickers when it's hit. When the blood of the device declines to 0, the remote control ceases its ownership and the device is demobilized. Worst of all, if the base blood board is dead, you lose the game.


Mecanum wheels

The Mecanum wheel is a design for a wheel which can move a vehicle in any direction. It is sometimes called the Ilon wheel after its Swedish inventor, Bengt Ilon, who came up with the idea in 1973 when he was an engineer with the Swedish company Mecanum AB.

Infrared targeting

My vote of trust to infrared is 100. Infrared ensures attacking precision and brings a touch of technology.

Electronic score system

It's used for reflecting the blood volume, with 100 for full blood and 0 for no blood. The initial value for each device is 100. When the base blood volume is 0, it loses.

Blood indication

There are sensors installed on left, right and back of each FreaksMeca and FreaksCannon, and 3 sensors are installed on the base blood board. They are connected with electronic score system by wifi, indicating the blood volumes for every device.

Pearl bullets

The best thing about pearl bullets is that even if they hit you, you're not likely to get hurt. So before using, make sure there is enough time for the pearl bullets soaking in the water to be softened.

Continuous shooting

If it still needs to reload, then FreaksWar is not going to be a Freaks war. It supports continuous shooting which adds juices and excitement into this battle.

Remote control

Every FreaksMeca and FreaksCannon comes with an exclusive remote control for each player. It controls left, right, move forward, move backward and bullet trigger. The remote controls perform so good that it can cover a distance as long as 50 meters.


Single mode can no longer answer the demand of teamwork, since we've entered an era of role playing! The altar of hero is no longer worshiped. The war is decided by each and every player on the battlefield. It takes strategy and tactics to win. There are 3 players for FreaksMeca and 2 players for FreaksCannon, and if there's enough budget, you can even invite a host to narrate.


Thanks to modern VR glasses technology, for the first time we brought First Person View into this game. It brings us a big sensation and a little dizziness if we play it longer than necessary.

Live steaming

The camera capptures on FreaksMeca will be streamed live to the TV set, a great treat to the eyes of audience.

FreaksMeca Installation Video

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