Friday New Product: EL Wires and Micro:bit Case

Friday New Product: EL Wires and Micro:bit Case

Halloween Festival is over. Another Friday comes again! What new products we will have for this week? You might want to know it desparately. Now, let me show you our new products of this week!

New Product 1: Acrylic Case Shell Enclosure Computer Box For Microbit with Two AA Battery Holder

This is a small crytal acrylic case for micro:bit. It is solid and just a little bit bigger than your micro:bit board. With this small case, you can protect your micro:bit board against any abrasion or scratches. This will greatly improve the life span of your board. This small case is not fully enclosed. Once you place your micro:bit board into it, you will find the two buttons and gold finger are still exposed in the outside. This design will not influence the usage of your micro:bit board. Besides, we have made a frosted area for the cover of 5*5 LED screen with the aim to soft the dazzling light of LED. It is really a beautiful and useful case!

New Product 2: EL Single Channel Inverter

EL Single Channel Inverter is a small controller for EL wire series of products. It is similar to a small power bank. You can use this inverter to control the light of EL wires and EL strips. On the surface of its black body, there is a round button. Press this button, you can switch the light mode among constant bright, slow flash, fast flash, and close. Behind the black body, there is a clip. That means you can clip it on your pocket or something else. It is portable and very convenient.

New Product 3: Neon Light EL Strip 240mmx28mm Blue

Before chareged, it is just a normal flexible plastic ribbon. After charged, it becomes a beautiful blue neon light ribbon. It is often used together with an inverter. In the one end of this strip, there is a connector. You can plug this connector to the EL inverter and press the inverter button to turn on the strip light. Once being charged, it will not be heated and the surface will still stay cool as usual. This strip is widely used in banners, posters, advertising, etc..

New Product: Neon Light EL wire 1000mmx2.3mm orange

This is a long flexible orange cable. It is called EL wire or electroluminescent wire. Similar to EL strip, you can plug its connector to an EL inverter. It is a perfect decoration in the night or darkness. You can see an orange light wire. It is so beautiful! We have many wire color options for you such as red, yellow, green, purple and white, etc.. The color and wire length is customizable. The above products are our new products of this week. If you want to know more interesting products, you can keep your eye on our website. Hopefully, you will find your ideal products there. For our next new product, see you on next Friday!