Friday New Product Post: Colorful RGB LED& Micro:bit Breakout Board

Hello my friends! Friday comes again. It is time to show our newly posted products. This week i have bring some colorful LED light and new Micro:bit board for you. Are you ready to be surprised? Let's go with me to take a look!

New Product 1: 8 RGB Rainbow LED Ring


8 RGB Rainbow LED Ring  is mainly made of 8 ultra bright LED beads and a circle PCB panel. These LED beads placed on the circle panel form a chainable LED ring. The circle has 1.25" (32mm) outer diameter and 0.62" (16mm) inner diameter. On the circle panel, you can see one output pin of a bead connected to an input pin of another bead. The ring has a built-in micro-controller pin and you can connect it to an outer device to realize control. Within each bead, there is an internal driver chip. You can design a program to control these LED beads and make them illuminate different colors with same brightness. Or you can make a program to achieve the effect of color rotation or color gradual change.

New Product 2: Flexible Rainbow 64 RGB 8*8 LED Matrix 


Similar to the product above.Flexible Rainbow 64 RGB 8*8 LED Matrix is a kind of LED dot matrix with 8*8 LED beads. It can flash colorful light with same brightness. You can program to control the flash of colorful light too. For example, you can design a program to make it display a colorful words or patterns. Different to the product above, it has a soft square panel instead of a hard PCB circle panel. You can twist or roll the panel. It is flexible. The light will not be turned off once you twisted or rolled up the panel. The brightness will keep the same. You can use an outer device to control this LED dot matrix to create any effect you want.

New Product 3: ElecFreaks Micro:bit Breakout Board 


ElecFreaks Micro:bit Breakout Board is invented to extend the usage of Micro:bit. We all know the side pin on BBC Micro:bit board can lead to the input signal or generate control signal with special interface. As for pins of 0/1/2/3V/GND, we can use alligator clip to lead signal. But other pins are too close to lead, which is obviously presented on micro:bit board. Usually the voltage of micro:bit is 3.3V while other modules (like LED digital tube module, IIC LCD module, etc.) connected to it require 5V power supply and 5V TTL voltage to work properly. To solve the above problems, we have invented ElecFreaks Micro:bit Breakout Board . ElecFreaks Micro:bit Breakout Board can completely match with pins on Micro:bit board. Plug our breakout board into Micro:bit board, you will find it is much more convenient to lead. The above three products are our new products of this week. If you would like to know more about our products, you can visit our store for more products information. Or you can follow up our posts to get the latest new products information. If you want a special designed product, you can send us email at We can customize products for you. That all for our new product post of this week. Thanks for your reading. See you next week!