Friday Product Post: Car Accessories

Friday Product Post: Car Accessories

Hello my friends! Welcome back to our every week’s Friday Product Post time. Do you feel to have waited for our new products for a long time? I guess you must have this feeling because last week we didn’t public any new product due to our busy preparation for Hong Kong Fair. Now it’s time to show you our new products of this week!. Before we start, let’s take a look of some pictures in 2017 Hong Kong Fair.


Surprising! Micro:bit CEO has visited our booth! This is really a big news for us!  


Do you still remember the amazing colorful cars we posted on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube? It is like this   Now you must have guessed our new products of this week. Yes, it is accessories for making this colorful car! Come with me to see our new products!

New Product 1: ELECFREAKS Power:bit

This is one component for making the remote controller of the dazzling colorful car. You can attach it on the back of micro:bit to supply power for it. On the board, you can see two battery sockets. That's where you can place two li-batteries into. It is a perfect match for your micro:bit board because they have the same shape and size.

New Product 2: 80MM Plastic Tire Wheel For DIY Robot Smart Car Robot 

This is the wheel of the dazzling colorful car. It consists of two parts: a balck flexible plastic ourskirt wheel and a yellow solid wheel. The yellow wheel is usually embeded into the black outskirt wheel. This structure makes the whole wheel become more durable and easy to connect external servos or motor. If you want to make a small car by yourself, don't forget to use this wheel.

New Product 3: High Torque Digital Servo Metal Gear MG996R for RC Car Boat Helicopter

This is the servo connected to the car. It can rotate 360 degrees. With this servo, you can run your car more stable and flexible. Lots of projects will use this servo. So just keep one in your cart in case of one day you might need it desparately!

New Product 4: ELECFREAKS Ring:bit

This is our newly developed products. It is now in preorder status. It is an extension board for micro:bit. The biggest feature of this board is that it can connect 3 motors at the same time and carries 3 AAA batteries socket. With this board, you don't have to worry your car will run out of power! That's all for our new products of this week. If you want to know how we make the car I showed you in the beginning of this post, you can read our blog "How To Make A Cool Dazzling Colorful Micro:bit Car" and learn how to make a similar one or even better one.