Friday Product Post: Rainbow LED Series and Micro:bit Kit

Friday Product Post: Rainbow LED Series and Micro:bit Kit

Hello my friends, its Friday again. How time flies! Halloween Day is closing. A good news to tell you is that we are going to give you a 15% discount for most products in our online store (except for some designated products) from October 30th to November 5th . For more promotion information such as "what is designated product?", you can send us emails to or contact our salesman for consultant. Now, let's come back to our topic today. Today I am going to show you a series of shiny and colorful products. Let's go and take a look!

New product 1: Single RGB Rainbow LED Bead

Single RGB Rainbow LED Bead has only one LED bead on the button-like PCB board. It is smaller than a coin. You can solder pins onto it and then plug it into other module you desired. After being charged, the LED bead will emit colorful light just like a star. You can designate the color by programming for it. It is so simple! New

Product 2: 3 RGB Rainbow LED Ring

It has 3 RGD LED bead on the coin-like PCB board. The size is similar to a coin. You can solder pins onto the PCB board and plug this component into other modules. After being illuminated, it will flash colorful light. You can give command to this component and make it glittering with the color or effect you want.

New Product 3: 12 RGB Rainbow LED Ring

Similar to the former products, it can emit colorful light too. But it has 12 LED beads. That means you can use this ring to display more effects than the previous two products. It is programmable. You can write code to control the color, brightness, color movement, etc.. It looks so magic!

New Product 4: 16 RGB Rainbow LED Ring

This one has 16 LED beads on the circle PCB board. The PCB board is solid and can not be bent. It is programmable too. You can plug this ring into other module and design a program for it. Once illuminated, you can see the beautiful rainbow color twinkling or rotating on the ring. You can use this ring to decorate your room or make some festival gifts. What a good idea to give your hand-made presents to your friends or classmates. Don't you think so?

New Product 5: 24 RGB Rainbow LED Ring

Similar to the above products, it is made of LED and programmable too. But it has 24 RGB LED. The dimension is much bigger than the previous products. It is just like a PCB bracelet. You can almost wear it on your wrest. Once you light it in the darkness, you will find its colorful lights are so bright. And the color is so beautiful with high saturation and brightness. You can use this ring to decorate your room or curtain during Halloween day. The effect will be so good!

New Product 6: 8 RGB Rainbow LED Strip

This is not a ring again. It is an LED strip with 8 LED beads on it. The function in similar to the previous products. You can control the light with a program. It is easy.

New Product 7: 4 RGB 2*2 Rainbow LED Matrix

This can be called an LED brick. There are only 4 LED on the PCB board. You can use it to create an electronic jewelry like a ring or a hair clip. It is easy to make. Just have a try!

New Product 8: 16 RGB 4*4 Rainbow LED Matrix

Bigger than the former one, it has 16 LED beads on the PCB board. Similarly, you can design code for it and make it display patterns, characters, or something else. It is just like a mini screen. It is solid and can not be bent too. With this mini LED brick, you can create a lot of amazing things.

New Product 9:ELECFREAKS Micro:bit Kit With Breadboard & Breakout Board

This kit is a basic kit for micro:bit learners. The components within are carefully designed so that they can fit in with each other well. You can paste the breadboard onto the acrylic baseboard for it has glue on the bottom surface. Paste breadboard onto the baseboard will make breadboard more stable. You can plug the adapter into breadboard, then plug micro:bit board into adapter. Everything seems so easy and convenient! The above 9 products are what I want to show you today. If you want to know more interesting products, you can keep focusing on our website. That's all for our new products of this week. See you next time and have a good weekend!