Friday Product Post: Servo, Motor Drive Board and Joystick for Micro:bit

Friday Product Post: Servo, Motor Drive Board and Joystick for Micro:bit

Time for our new products show again! Guess what's new in this week? The new products of this week continues the topic of micro:bit accessories. That means these products are compatible with micro:bit and you might use them during your micro:bit experiments or creations. Just come with me and see our new products!  

New Product 1: 360° Plastic Micro Servo for Robot Robotic Arm  

360° Plastic Micro Servo for Robot Robotic Arm is a kind of mini servo. Under the blue shell, there are some small nylon gears. With these gears, it can realize 360 degree continuous rotation. It is compatible with micro:bit. You can connect it to micro:bit board. The cable comes out of the servo body has three small cables in red, yellow and brown color separately. The red one is the power cable, the yellow one is the signal cable, and the brown one is ground cable. You can use it to create a small wheel for a DIY car.  

New Product 2: ELECFREAKS Motor:bit for Micro:bit  

ELECFREAKS Motor:bit for Micro:bit is a kind of motor drive board.It can drive 2-channel motor with only one IO port. It is easy to control. Part of its IO ports can be leaded out by GVS. Besides, P13-P20 on the board can switch voltage between 3.3V and 5 V. It is a good companion for your DIY cars.

New Product 3: ELECFREAKS Joystick:bit for Micro:bit   

ELECFREAKS Joystick:bit for Micro:bit can be called a mini joystick for game. You can define its key function on the PCB board at will because the 6 keys on board are undefined. You can plug micro:bit board directly into the center connector slot. It is fully compatible and fit in well without any loose or tight. This joystick is light and portable. You can hold it into your pocket, take it to any place, and play games anytime you want. It is so convenient! The above three products are our new products of this week. If you want to know more interesting products, you can keep on watching our website for new posts. That's all for today. See you next time!