Friday Product Post: Battery Holder, Trimpot and Component Box

Friday Product Post: Battery Holder, Trimpot and Component Box

Friday again! Are you waiting for our new products so long? Don't worry! You will see our new products soon. Let's take a look what's new for this week!  

New Product 1: 2xAA Battery Holder Without Cover for Micro:bit Board

This battery holder has no cover. It is half open and you can see the positive and negative mark printed on the bottom case directly. You can plug in 2 AA batteries into it with ease. There are 2 position holes on the bottom of the holder for fixation. That means you can fix this battery holder onto another panel or object. It is compatible with micro:bit board. You can plug its connector into micro:bit battery socket. It fits in quite well.

New Product 2: 2xAA Battery Holder With ON/OFF Switch and Cover for Micro:bit Board

Different to the former one, this battery holder has a cover. It is completely enclosed. You have to open the cover on it so that you can plug in 2 AA batteries. There is an switch on the surface, which controls the battery power on and off. It is much safer with the cover. You don't have to worry about the missing battery any more. It is compatible with micro:bit too. You can plug its connector to micro:bit. And it works well too.

New Product 3: 10K Ohm Trimpot Breadboard Trim Potentiometer for Arduino

Don't think of it just small! This trimpot can match a breadboard perfectly. It has three output pins. When you plug the trimpot into a breadboard, you can find the pins matches the breadboard very well. It is very stable without any loose. On the top of it, there is a rotary knob. Screw the rotary knob on the trimpot, you can adjust the resistance connected without any other tools. It seems small but very powerful in use. We have ever written a blog "Micro:bit Experiment 03: Trimpot —— Elecfreaks Mirco: bit Starter Kit Course" about it. You can read it for reference.

New Product 4: 15 Grid Plastic Component Box

This box has 15 small grid boxes inside. The internal grid is fixed and can not be dismantled. We can use this box to hold small components like resistances, mini buttons, mini LED beads, small screws etc.. The whole body of the box is made of plastic. It is transparent. You can see what's in the box very clearly. With this box, you can well place your small components as well as find them very easily and quickly. It is so convenient! Don't you think so?

New product 5: Micro:bit Board with Battery Holder kit


This is a very simple kit. It contains a micro:bit board, a USB cable and a battery holder. It is a basic kit for micro:bit. You can connect micro:bit to your computer with USB cable for buring code or downloading something. You can also connect the battery holder to micro:bit board. It is fully compatible. With a portable external power supply, you can take your completed micro:bit device to anywhere you want. It is easy to carry. You can apply this kit to your DIY cars and hold a car race competiton with your friends. That's really funny!   The above products are our new products of this week. Want to know more products? Just keep focusing on our website . Hope you will find one you like most. That's all for our new product of this week. See you next time!