Hand in Hand with Educators

Hand in Hand with Educators

Recently we got letter from Steven from Singapore, it reads

“Tinkercademy, the educational arm of Tinkertanker Pte Ltd, has been conducting Scratch for Arduino classes for secondary school students in Singapore using the Freaduino UNO together with Octopus Bricks. According to Tinkercademy, the Freaduino UNO is their microcontroller of choice because it allows modules to be plugged in directly without having to build circuits on a breadboard, making learning much easier for beginners. While there are competing systems, this is their preferred since it doesn't require an additional shield, has headers that line up with the original Digital/Analog pin positions, and last but not least comes with attractively-coloured headers.”

He also attached pictures.

singapore2 singapore4 singapore5

One of ElecFreaks’ vision has been to endeavor to help classroom DIY electronics, financially – Spanish UPCT donation. Moreover, via finding most practical kits for teachers and students and providing sufficient documentation as well as technical guide. Singapore is among the countries which attach special importance to education. Back to Aug. this year, an introductory course of fundamental printed circuit soldering was held at ElecFreaks recreation area. We have been working to expand opportunities of educating and the offering of educational categories. By utilizing the resources, we hope that our efforts can raise curiosity, inspire creativity and invention sparks. At @elecfreaks in social network to share your ideas on ElecFreaks education activities.