Hand-made a microbit electronic piano

Hand-made a microbit electronic piano

Hello, today I’m going to show you a case of how to make a handmade electronic piano with a micro:bit. It is a kind of electronic keys instruments that can simulate kinds of tones and sound. Part of the performance of the electronic piano is completed by automatic chord accompaniment. In the music, the connection of the chords promotes the melody. Different harmony connections form different musical colors. The electronic keyboard used for professional music production is called "electronic synthesizer". Users can edit and modify the tone and rhythm style by themselves, and even transfer it to a computer and share the work with others via the Internet. And the musical instrument that uses electronic technology to make the keys feel like a piano plate is called "electric piano" or "digital piano".

Now let’s build our micro:bit piano with the below materials:

Step 1: we need to fasten the sensor:bit to the acrylic case with the screws.

Step 2: Fasten two ADKey boards to the acrylic boards and get them connected to the P1 and P2 ports of the sensor:bit, then attach the battery holder to the boards as the picture shows.

Step3: Download the code to the micro:bit board and insert it to the sensor:bit with the battery holder connecting to the micro:bit.

Here now comes the finished case of the micro:bit piano, this is a link reference of the video:https://youtu.be/oj2h2OMNA1E

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