How to make a SpongeBob SquarePants pencil holder with a laser engraver?

How to make a SpongeBob SquarePants pencil holder with a laser engraver?


SpongeBob SquarePants is the main character in the American anime SpongeBob SquarePants. He lives in a city called Bikini Bottom at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean and is a yellow rectangular sponge whose body is made up like a cleaning sponge. His arms, legs and lower body limbs can grow again without restriction after being broken, and when torn into pieces he can reproduce many miniature doppelgangers, and has holes in his body that can shoot high-pressure water guns, and can use his body to trap huge objects inside him.




Required Items

Laser Engraver (10W)*1


1/8" Basswood Plywood (6pcs)


Safety Notes

Before operating the TOOCA l1 laser engraver, please read and familiarise yourself with all precautions for use. The user should strictly observe all safety precautions and ensure that the TOOCA L1 laser engraver is correctly assembled and in the correct working condition.

If you want to know what you need to pay attention to when working with a laser engraving machine, you can click on this link to see the specifics:

The following operating principles should be observed.

1. Always check the TOOCA L1 laser engraver for damage before each use. Do not operate a damaged or defective machine in any way.

2. Do not disassemble or in any other way alter the construction of the TOOCA L1 laser engraver or modify or decompile the operating system of the TOOCA L1 laser engraver.

3. Do not leave the TOOCA L1 laser engraver unattended during operation.

4. Residues and chips accumulated during cutting and engraving are dangerous and can cause fires, so clean the honeycomb panels regularly of chips and residues.

5. The laser should be operated within an ambient temperature range of 5°C to 25°C and should not be operated at sub-zero temperatures. 6.

6. Do not engrave or cut any material containing PVC or vinyl (plastic is not recommended). These materials (and other chlorine/chlorine-containing materials) produce corrosive vapours which are extremely harmful to humans and may cause damage to the machine.

7. Do not engrave or cut any unknown materials. Vaporisation/melting of many materials (including but not limited to PVC and polycarbonate) can release harmful fumes.

8. Keep the area around the TOOCA L1 laser engraver clean and free from clutter of flammable materials, explosives or volatile solvents such as acetone, alcohol or petrol. Carry a fire extinguisher with you. Maintain and check the fire extinguisher regularly.

9. Do not open any access panels on the TOOCA L1 laser engraver when it is connected to the power supply, as this may cause unnecessary danger by accidental contact with the power supply.

Do not touch the areas associated with the electronics with your hands or other tools when the TOOCA L1 laser engraver is connected to the power supply.


Case Introduction

The simple pen holder is made into a cartoon appearance, not only for pens, but also for a small drawer, where you can put some candy and add some fun to your life.

Step 1

First open the document to be cut using the Lightburn software and enter the parameters for the cut, such as speed and power.


Step 2

Then save the designed plan file to a TF card and insert the TF card into Tooca L1 and start cutting.


Step 3

Wait for some time before the cutting is completed, as shown in the picture, and then take the cut shape, out of the board.


Step 4

Then you can first build the upper and lower partitions and the left and right sides of the board first, (Note: the upper and lower partitions should ensure that the longer ones are on top and the shorter ones are on the bottom.) As shown in the picture.


Step 5

Close the front panel again as shown in the picture.


Step 6

Then assemble the drawers and shoes below, the drawer assembly may be loose, you can borrow glue to glue the drawers and shoes directly, and then by the way, the hands will also be directly installed, as shown in the picture.


Step 7

Finally, the whole is installed, the top is to put a pen, and then there is a shoe drawer can be opened, as shown in the picture.



The laser engraver can produce as many shapes as you want, so if you are interested in this kind of production, come and experience it.