Let it be your right-hand man—FreaksArm

Let it be your right-hand man—FreaksArm

FreaksARM is a supper low-cost and miniature desktop robot Arm. It’s 4-axis robot arm and arduino-based. It is made up of laser cut wood parts and can be assembled by oneself in hour. It is very suitable for children education and to help achieve the purpose of edutainment during familiarizing mechanical arm’s assembly structure and connection.  It’s affordable, simplified enough and not soldering required. FreaksARM is perfect for children and beginners to learn robot arm, it was conceived to make children understand robotics, electronics and program.


FreaksARM project is open source. This means all of designs and codes, including cutting file; PCB schematics; v, are available for you in free. You can download, view, edit, learn from all of the works that has been put into project. FreaksARM hardware included the wood parts, two joystick module and our Freaduino UNO( Arduino compatible) which could directly plug the wires on and support 3.3V/5V switch. FreaksARM can be controlled by joystick and PC command. You can also try Bluetooth wireless (BLE Center), leap motion , touch , imagine and etc cool ways to control.


At last, our EFBlock(Scratch programming) has library supported. That’s mean you can control FreakARM without coding. Download EFBlock, scratch-based graphical programming software which is developed by ElecFreaks. Scratch is developed by MIT, It allows game designing and graphics programming, etc., and has good scalability. EFBlock is designed on scratch-base, it extends the part of arduino and electronic building blocks sensor module, also the FreaksARM’s control graphics programming. Miniature, simplify, affordable, this is FreaksARM.