Micro:bit Ninja Shuriken

micro:bit Ninja Shuriken

Hi,I got a whim to use micro:bit making a ninja shuriken. I’ve fascinated with Naruto since I was a child and I’ve dreamed of throwing the sword in his hand like Sasuke. Let’s use the micro:bit to get such a magic experience!

Ninja Shuriken

We only need a micro:bit board and a cable, and of course, with a computer!


USB cable

Ninja Shuriken

Go to MakeCode editor:(https://makecode.microbit.org/)


Ninja Shuriken

Link: https://makecode.microbit.org/_KVbM8oPYLWj6

Here we get it ready by simulating the effect of shaking the micro:bit and the icon disappears from the micro:bit!

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