Weekend New Product Preview

Weekend New Product Preview

Hello my friends! It’s Monday again. And our Black Friday promotion activity is just past. Have you got your favorite goods? I hope you have. Now this Monday, we are going to show you an kit in development. Due to shortage of time, it is still not fully completed yet. But you might have interests in what it is, right? Now, follow me to take a preview for our new products.

PM2.5 PM10 Detector Sensor Module Optical Dust Sensor Air Conditioner Monitor


Wind Speed Sensor Anemometer Three Aluminium Cups

Actually, this is a kit centered on micro:bit. We use micro:bit as a main controller and connect octopus:bit with various sensors to collect data. Besides, we will send the data collected to the cloud end through ESP8266 module so that we can use our mobiles or computer web pages to check out the real-time environment data. Sounds quite powerful, right?   Currently, this kit is still in development. Hopefully, this new kit is estimated to be launched within this month. If you have interests in this set of kit, just keep track of our new products post on every Friday! Surely you will find more and more funny new products!