Rabbit Candy Stand

Rabbit Candy Stand


Wow, it's another festive year - the Year of the Rabbit! According to the ancient Chinese zodiac, the rabbit is a symbol of resourcefulness and good fortune, and the Year of the Rabbit will be an unusually busy but peaceful and calm year. In Western culture, the rabbit has also always been a symbol of good fortune. The rabbit also often plays intelligent and sympathetic characters, such as Mr White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland and Peter Rabbit in Peter Rabbit!

All in all, people place good hopes on rabbits and they evoke wonderful associations. This is why rabbits have a symbolic meaning of goodness, beauty and peace.


Required Equipment

ELECFREAKS TOOCA L1 Laser Engraver (10W)*1


1/8" Basswood Plywood (6pcs)


Safety Instructions

Before operating the TOOCA l1 laser cutting machine, please read and familiarise yourself with all precautions for use. The user should strictly observe all safety precautions and ensure that the TOOCA L1 laser-cutting machine is correctly assembled and in proper working order.

If you want to know what you need to pay attention to when working with a laser engraving machine, you can click on this link to see the specifics: https://www.elecfreaks.com/blog/post/what-is-laser-engraver.html

The following operating principles should be observed.

  1. Always check the TOOCA L1 laser cutter for damage before each use. Do not operate a damaged or defective machine in any way.
  2. Do not disassemble or in any other way alter the construction of the TOOCA L1 laser cutting machine, or modify or decompile the operating system of the TOOCA L1 laser cutting machine.
  3. Never leave the TOOCA L1 laser cutting machine unattended during operation.
  4. The residue and chips accumulated from cutting and engraving are dangerous and may cause fires, so clean the honeycomb panels of chips and residue regularly.
  5. The laser should be operated in an ambient temperature range of 5°C to 25°C and should not be operated at sub-zero temperatures. 6.
  6. Do not engrave or cut any material containing PVC or vinyl (plastic is not recommended). These materials (and other chlorine/chlorine-containing materials) produce corrosive vapors which are extremely harmful to humans and can cause damage to the machine.
  7. Do not engrave or cut any unknown materials. The vaporization/melting of many materials, including but not limited to PVC and polycarbonate, can emit harmful fumes.
  8. Keep the area around the TOOCA L1 laser cutting machine clean and free from cluttered flammable materials, explosives, or volatile solvents such as acetone, alcohol, or petrol. Keep a fire extinguisher on hand. Maintain and check the fire extinguishers regularly.
  9. Do not open any access panels on the TOOCA L1 laser cutting machine when it is connected to the power supply, as this may cause unnecessary danger by accidental contact with the power supply.

Do not touch the electronics-related areas with your hands or other tools when the TOOCA L1 laser cutting machine is connected to the power supply.


Case Introduction

As a prolific animal, the rabbit symbolizes the revival of spring and the birth of new life. While children are fond of rabbits, a rabbit candy stand has been made for them to put some sweets on to add to the festive atmosphere of the New Year.


Building Steps

Step 1

We first use the lightburn software to open the document to be cut and enter the parameters of the cut, such as speed and power.


Step 2

We save the .gcode document to the tf card and the Tooca L1 starts cutting once it has been scanned.


Step 3

The cut is complete, as shown in the picture.


Step 4

Gouge all the cut shapes out of the board.


Step 5

The candy holder is assembled by fitting the shapes together according to the cut slits.


Step 6

To add to the New Year atmosphere, we've also bought some sweets, so let's put them on the shelves together! Have a happy New Year!





New year, new weather. Let's welcome the Year of the Rabbit together! As we welcome the New Year, we also welcome new hopes. I wish you all a new year with lots of good deeds, smiles and happiness every day!