Recommendation Of The Best micro:bit Expansion Boards

Recommendation Of The Best micro:bit Expansion Boards


More and more parents are using the BBC micro:bit board as the first coding toy for children learning programming from scratch. The BBC micro:bit board is a pocket-sized computer that introduces you to how software and hardware work together. It has an LED light display, a built-in microphone, a speaker, buttons, sensors, and many input/output features that, when programmed, let it interact with you and your world.

For building and doing projects with your micro:bit, some extra items that are great to have micro:bit expansion boards, headphones, crocodile clip leads, and conductive materials such as aluminum foil and paper clips.

Therefore, a micro:bit expansion board is the first choice you must make after getting a micro:bit board.

In recent years, various hardware brands have developed and launched a wide range of micro:bit expansion boards. Today we will list the better-known five micro:bit expansion boards on the market and introduce micro:bit expansion boards of different brands to help you if you need to get your hands on one.


Xia mi Multi-functional micro:bit Expansion Board from DFRobot ($29.9USD)

This is a multifunctional programming education expansion board based on the micro:bit V2. Only compatible with micro:bit V2, not compatible with micro:bit V1 boards.

With a small size of 57*87mm and a compact layout, it extends more than 10 functional modules such as various sensors, 4-way motors, LED lights, OLED screens, external power supply, etc., allowing students to learn not only the basic functions in addition to the micro:bit, but also to go further, such as controlling robot cars, Mecanum wheel robots, etc. And this expansion board supports 8 tutorials.


Environmental micro:bit Expansion Board from Kitronik($28.6USD)

The BBC micro:bit slot plugs directly into the board via an integrated edge connector. The micro:bit can then read inputs from the onboard BME 280 ambient temperature, barometric pressure, and humidity sensors as well as the real-time clock. There is an onboard piezo buzzer, 2 x 1A outputs (for pumps, heating pads, or fans), 3 status ZIP LEDs, a ZIP LED extension connector, and servo outputs. In addition to this, there are 3 BBC micro:bit pins disconnected to the croc-clip connection for further inputs and outputs, as well as pads for 3V and GND. The board also has a solar cell input that will charge the rechargeable battery if plugged into the onboard battery holder. The micro:bit Expansion Board also has a solar cell input that will charge the rechargeable battery if plugged into the onboard battery holder. It is compatible with micro:bit V1 and micro:bit V2. This micro:bit expansion board is also available as part of the Kitronik Smart Greenhouse Kit.


Wukong micro:bit Expansion Board from ELECFREAKS ($26.9USD)

The ELECFREAKS Wukong micro:bit Expansion Board adapter measures 58mm*40mm, which is about the same size as the BBC micro:bit. It does not take up space and is more flexible. You can build blocks on it, and children can create interesting cases, which can better improve children's creative ability. Compatible with Standard Building Blocks, you can Build Your Own Creation. Integrated buzzer, 8 sensor drives, 8 servo drives, 2 motor drives, 4 rainbow LEDs, and 8 blue ambient lights.This micro:bit expansion board is also available as part of the micro:bit Wonder Building Kit which supports 48 cases.


Super:bit micro:bit Expansion Board from Yahboom($25.99USD)

This micro:bit expansion board adopts a bilateral symmetric design, with micro:bit board holder, 18650 battery holder, USB power supply interface, 3-5v external power supply interface, 4 programmable RGB lights, buzzer, I2C interface, WIFI camera serial port, various motor interfaces, etc. This is an expansion board designed for micro:bit. It can also be connected to 2 stepper motors, 4 DC motors, 8 servos, and with a stable power supply scheme and various protection circuits, this micro:bit expansion board is powerful in driving motors. Expand 17 row pin IO ports to support our sensor modules. WIFI camera serial port, IIC interface, and Lego holes make it possible for users to expand more interesting projects.


Nezha micro:bit Expansion Boards from ELECFREAKS ($34.9USD)

Nezha micro:bit Expansion Board is a multi-functional micro:bit expansion board. Equipped with 4 servo drivers, 4 motor drivers, and 7 sensor expansion interfaces, it uses RJ11 connectors with a dummy-proof and anti-reverse plug design. Convenient for students to interface quickly and accurately in the classroom; the casing is also designed with Fischertechnik compatible interfaces, combining electronic modules with mainstream structural components so students can build their own personalized micro:bit creative programming projects. This micro:bit expansion board is also available as part of the micro:bit Nezha Inventor's Kit which supports 76 cases.



In total, different micro:bit expansion boards have different advantages and disadvantages. According to the introduction before, the price of the micro:bit expansion boards is similar. If there is a comparison of price and function among the micro:bit expansion boards, Wukong micro:bit Breakout board from ELECFREAKS is a pretty economic option for anyone who is facing choosing a micro:bit Expansion Board for his micro:bit.

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