Refrigeration Tablet User Guide

Refrigeration Tablet User Guide

Refrigeration tablet can also be called as thermoelectric semiconductor refrigeration components, or Peltier and so on. As the refrigeration tablet is divided into two sides, one for endothermic side, while the other for radiating side, just playing the thermal role, not producing cold by itself, so it should be called as refrigeration tablet. As its wide application in  Military, Medical, Daily Life, Lab Installations,  Special Devices, we made this Refrigeration Tablet User Guideto help you harness DIY ability and broaden the horizons.

Refrigeration Tablet Introduction

Semiconductor refrigeration appliance is a cooling device consisting of a semiconductor, only emerged until about 1960, but its theoretical basis, Peltier effect can be traced back to the 19th century. The famous Peltier Effect means that after the refrigeration appliance is powered, the heat of the cold end is moved to the hot end, leading to the cold side temperature decreases, and the hot end of the temperature rises.


Application :

  •  Military Application: infrared detection and navigation systems for missiles, radar, submarine and so on.
  •  Medical Application: Ringlet, cold together, cataract extraction sheet, blood analyzers.
  •  Lab Installations: cold trap, cold boxes, electronic low-temperature testing devices and so on.
  •  Special Devices: the low- temperature tester for petroleum products, computers and so on.
  •  Daily Life Application: air conditioning, hot and cold dual-use boxes, dispenser, electronic refrigerators and so on.

Hardware Preparation


1. Heatsink

2. Thermal Grease

3. Digital Thermometer

4. TEC1-12706 refrigeration tablet

5. Grease-smearing tools - small scraper

Icing Demo

1. Fix the digital thermometer on the heatsink.


2. Smear the grease on the heatsink with the small scraper


3. Stick the refrigeration tablet on the heatsink.


Note: Please make sure the side with word is up, as the word-side is the cooling surface, while the no-word-side is the radiating surface.

4. Add a little water on the refrigeration tablet.


Note: Water was added so that the ice would be seen after electrify.

5.Use forcep to press the thermometer probe beneath the water,and then electrify the device.


6. The icing effect as demonstrated

图片8   图片9


1. Q: Why can’t freeze the water following the above steps???/p>

A: Firstly make sure the refrigeration tablet power supply maintain 12V, and then assure the sufficient space of the heatsink for radicating, what’s more, do not mistake the radicating side and the cooling side.

2. Q: Why the temperature can’t reach 0 degree and started to rise when the refrigeration tablet in the certain degree?

A: This issue has something to do with the selection of heatsink. If the selected heatsink is not big enough, the temperature may start to rise after it reached certain degree. Our recommended refrigeration tablet can lower to minus ten degree.