Technical verification! Nezha series products can complete WRO competition tasks

Technical verification! Nezha series products can complete WRO competition tasks

【Mars Home Challenge】

Since the 1970s, Mars exploration missions have achieved many important results. Missions such as the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, Mars Rovers, and Mars Landers have provided us with a wealth of data on Mars’ geology, climate, and possible signs of life.


In 2021, my country’s Mars rover “Zhurong” successfully landed on the surface of Mars and conducted scientific research. These exploration missions not only improve mankind's understanding of Mars but also lay the foundation for the development of Mars exploration technology.

In the "Mars Home" competition, robots have to complete preset tasks such as classifying items, transmitting signals, and starting the rover. The robot should score points by changing the state of the corresponding task model.


The Mars Home Challenge supports the use of Nezha products, and the competition tasks of this competition are consistent with the WRO Smart World Competition.

The powerful Nezha expansion board can be expanded to connect a variety of sensors and motor interfaces. To ensure the stability and accuracy of the connection, the interface specially adopts the RJ11 crystal fool-proof interface design, making it easier for students to use and teachers to teach. In addition, the Nezha expansion board is also equipped with a color recognition system that works closely with the sensor, greatly improving the convenience of operation. The Nezha series is perfectly compatible with the 2 mainstream structural platforms of Lego and Fischer Technical, providing users with a wider range of choices.