The 7th Mianyang Youth Robot Competition will be held successfully (With the help of the ELECFREAKS Competition Team)

The 7th Mianyang Youth Robot Competition will be held successfully (With the help of the ELECFREAKS Competition Team)

In November, the 7th Mianyang Youth Robot Competition opened at the Innovation Base of Mianyang Science and Technology City New District. 128 schools, 890 teams, and more than 1,100 teenagers who love science and innovation in the city participated in the opening ceremony to enjoy the glory and wonderful moments brought by the robot competition.


The Youth Robot Competition of Mianyang City was founded in 2016. After years of continuous innovation and development, the Robot Competition is not only a competition of wisdom and technology, but also a high-level innovative practice platform where technology and competition blend, science and culture meet.


Nearly a hundred contestants from more than 20 schools participated in the "Exploring the Future" Star Chariot Challenge of this competition. The competition scene was very lively, and the players showed off their talents and staged a "peak showdown".


Victory in the first battle!

In this competition, Mianyang High-tech Zone Torch No. 3 Primary School participated for the first time. Under the careful guidance of teacher Zhu Xiaohu, six students led by him achieved excellent results in the 7th Youth Robot Competition of Mianyang, bringing glory to the school.


With the strong support of Principal Qu Haibin, the school has launched a very distinctive artificial intelligence education club course, providing development space for students' interesting exploration of artificial intelligence. The students achieved excellent results in this competition, which is the result of the school's active promotion of maker education.


Technology lights up the arena, and dreams create the future. With the strong support of school leaders, the active cooperation of parents, and the careful guidance of tutors, students at Torch No. 3 Primary School in Mianyang High-tech Zone are actively trained and actively integrated into the school's artificial intelligence education courses, and actively participate in various technology competitions Activities not only test teaching results, but also broaden the vision of the school’s maker education and point out the direction for students’ future development.

In recent years, the ELECFREAKS Explore the Future event team has provided many schools, teachers, and students with a high-quality platform to expand their horizons, exchange experiences, learn, and grow by carrying out a variety of youth science popularization activities and technological innovation competitions, helping to cultivate young people's scientific and technological talents. literacy and practical ability, laying a solid foundation for their future development.