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Friday Product Post: DIY Electronic Alarm Clock Kits

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Hello, my friends, it is Friday again. Usually Friday comes, weekends will not afar. What are going to do for your weekends? Sleeping at homewatching TV, shopping around or go outside for a trip? Or you want to make something creative by yourself? Here we bring a good idea for you to spend your weekend with technology.

This Friday we bring you a new product–DIY Electronic Alarm Kits. You might wondering what is DIY. DIY is abbreviation for Do It Yourself. That means we can use this kit to make an electronic alarm clock by ourselves. Isn’t this funny? Now you must be curious of what kind of electronic alarm clock we are going to make. Here, I have prepared a picture of a completed artwork by one of my colleagues. You can see the picture below:

DIY Electronic Alarm Clock Kits

Isn’t it a beautiful artwork? You can have it too. To make a clock like this, we have to prepare our kits. Picture below is the parts of this kits:

You can buy this kits in our website: .

Or you can click here directly to add this kits in cart.

Then we will need some tools to help us connect these parts together. Tools we will need are:

  • Adjustable Thermostat Soldering Iron
  • Ø 0.8mm Resin-core Lead Solder

We have to solder the components into PCB board. Before we start, we have to know some basic knowledge about soldering. If you want to know in detail, here’s a good choice for you : lead to sparkfun

Next step, you can follow our guidance and start to assemble these parts together. You can find our guidance here:

Just follow the steps in the above link, you can find what an easy job it is. You have an electronic alarm clock now. Next Monday, when you go to school or work, you can show your artwork to your classmates or colleagues. I believe they will be surprised by your amazing work.

Besides, if you would like to know more, you can pay more attention to our website: for more new products posted. We will go on teach you some basic electronic knowledge like “How to Identify Color Circle Resistance Value”. And if you would like to know our products, you can visit our website too. We have a range of products like Arduino boards, Octopus Bricks, Raspberry Pi, Modules, Robotics and so on. Or if you would like to learn more about open source knowledge or programming, you can follow up our blogs updated. Your comments or new ideas for our blogs are welcomed.

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