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Friday Product Post: New OCTOPUS

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Hello my dear friends, Friday comes again. Brother octopus is calling to play together. And i am going to show you several new products related to Octopus series. Are you ready? Let’s go and take a look!


The first one is OCTOPUS Magnetic Switch. OCTOPUS Magnetic Switch is a simple electric brick module carrying magnetic control switch.This module is normally loaded with electromagnet or components with magnet. It can be used to security alarming system, door magnetic switch and so on.

The second one is OCTOPUS Vibration Motor () OCTOPUS Vibration Motor is a kind of electric brick module carrying with a small vibrator, which is driven by high voltage. It can be used as vibrators for products like toys, mobiles and so on.

And the third one is OCTOPUS OLED Display.  OCTOPUS OLED Display is a 0.96 inch electric brick with OLED display. It can display small patterns, alphabets and numbers. It is widely used to MP3 music playerssmart watchesgauges, etc..

The above three products are what i want to show you today. These electric bricks are tiny, cheap but powerful. Why we call it “octopus” because it can connect with arduino board, breakout board, micro:bit board or other octopus modules and eventually form an octopus-like module. The picture below is a vivid illustration for this.

If you have ever played bricks, then you will know bricks can train your mind to be more creativity. With our electric bricks, you can be cleverer too. You can practice your hand, your mind just like cooking. And you can learn some electronic knowledge as well.

Have you found one you like among the above new octopus? If you do and want to have a try, you can click the link above and add the one you like into a cart. And we will deliver it within 2 weeks. Sounds wonderful, right? Just move your hands to get one!



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