ELF-X : 3D FPV Quadcopter With VR

ELF-X : 3D FPV Quadcopter With VR

ELF-x quad is the ever low-cost open source Quadcopter providing AR plus VR experience.  Using the most affordable VR device Google Cardboard, 3D printed shell, smartphone Bluetooth 4.0 to control (save joystick), combined with PCB construction, we created the best VR drone at such low price. The coolest thing is, the wifi camera will capture 720P video for real-time transmission to the mobile phone to present wonderful AR (Augmented Reality) experience.

There are also many to be improvement, at same time we need more external help from hobbyist.ELF-X will be pre-ordering early Oct at ElecFreaks store, starting only 300 pcs. For the very first batch, sorry will not wifi camera and google cardbaod which we are still upgrade more stable fly firmware. Keep download our newest firmware, you can mount 720p wifi camera in future.

We will sell at cost price, hoping to get valuable and useful feedback in return.

Key Features: 

  1. Open source
  2. 3D printed shell
  3. Wireless (BT) configuration
  4. Smartphone app control (Android, ios)
  5. 3D FPV flights (Google Cardboard)
  6. Smaller and safer

ElecFreaks team has been so absorbed in this project called ELF, now we’re about to see the light: 

we are so well prepared to present to the folks the ELF Quad.

The open source, 3D printed, pocket size quadcopter for anyone to take control.

ELF-X is built with: 

  1. Google Cardboard, Cheapest VR device.(Done)
  2. 3D printed shell, Rapid prototyping design.(Done)
  3. Smartphone APP by Bluetooth 4.0 control, Save joystick controller.(Done)
  4. Combined with PCB construction (Done)
  5. 720P wifi camera for real-time transmission to the smartphone to present wonderful AR/VR experience.(Doing )

Upholding the spirit of open source, we will share all the hardware, software, app and the codes, enabling anyone to learn and enjoy AR/VR technology while piloting his own copter. We hope to build a brand new flight platform for experiencing and learning, as such, getting more and more people involved to help improve and complete the application scenarios. We will keep update source code soon and more info and video, please keep attention!