Back from 1st Global Sources Mobile Electronics Fair

Back from 1st Global Sources Mobile Electronics Fair

Well, first of all, it's great to be back in mainland China because I don't really get accustomed to western food, which is quite popular in Hong Kong. So congratulations for me to have Chinese food back. Just kidding, coffee's great. It's been an amazing business trip, trade show being pretty successful, people are really nice and helpful there and most importantly, you don't have to put up with endless traffic jam. The city's very well planned and everything is just in perfect order! Cities just don't  have to be all hustles and bustles, surely can be really lovely.

hong kong street

Me and Youmans went for the 1st Global Sources Mobile Electronics Fair from 18th to 21s taking iBot the Hornet 3D printer, drones-quads and hexas, the development boards, modules, shields, sensors, etc. Sometimes we continuously get people asking about "What exactly is 'open source'?" It's been nice to answer this kind of question because we think that we can make people who don't have opportunities to get close to this maker and hacker circle to get knowledge of it. And it's really great to be one of makers. We told them and they said "Wow, you guys are amazing." So because of this wow, I guess it's right and glory to hold on to open source, idea sharing and experience exchanging. And sometimes we get people suggesting like "You can put it this way...." or "Why don't you make it as simple as possible?" The guys know a lot more than we do and really willing to brainstorm. It's really a pleasure to meet them up.

elecfreaks HK fair drone quadcopter

iBot the 3D printer and drones were unexpectedly popular. I felt so embarrassed to reject people when they required one of the samples because we just had several, having to be showcasing. One of the customers came by and we invited him to visit our office in Shenzhen, and he did yesterday with pleasant conversation with Robi. So even if the drones project is right now in the development, getting slow movement due to some obstacles, we will update to all customers who showed interest in it and always expect your visiting by. :)

elecfreaks drone elecfreaks mobile electronics