4x4x4 LED-cube based Arduino and Flower protoboard

4x4x4 LED-cube based Arduino and Flower protoboard

I'll show you how to make the cube on the Flower protoboard, and finally how to make it shine. You will see the point-to-point wiring is very clear.

Let's take a look at the display firstly.

Step 1 you will need:

led cube Material


  • soldering iron
  • pliers
  • small screwdriver
  • tweezer
  • solder
  • Empty plastic bottles or anything you can drill some holes and fix led
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • computer with Arduino software
  • USB-cable
  • snips


  • 64 pcs led's
  • 16 pcs 1k resistors(0603) that go with the LED's
  • Freaduino MEGA2560 or Arduino MEGA2560
  • ElecFreaks Flower V2.2 protoboard


Note: the demo code LEDPin and LayerPin need change your Arduino IO. Here we define as below:

// Initalize our LED columns (positive)
int LEDPin[] = {6,5,24,26,28,30,32,34,36,38,40,42,44,46,48,50};
// Initalize the LED layers (ground)
int LayerPin[] = {10,11,12,13};

 Step 2 Drill the fixed holes

led cube drill the fixed holes

Draw on the bottle a grid with the lines 10.16 mm apart. (Because you will fix the led onto protoboard at the end, so you must fit for the protoboard holes distance.

Our Flower protoboard hole distance is 2.54mm, 4x2.54mm=10.16mm ) Draw 4 lines horizontally and 4 lines vertically. Then use tweezer or other sharp tools drill holes.

Step 3  Bending the legs of the led

led cube

As the picture shown, the longer pin is the cathode. Bending the legs accord with the arrow.

Step 4  Placeing the LED and solder them

led cube

 Each cathode of LED  is soldered  together. Make sure that you don't solder an anode to an cathode.

Step5  Soldering the 4 layer LED

led cube

led cube

This step is a little difficult. You'd better  place the LED as the direction shown on the picture then solder each layer together(solder the anode of different layer together. We call it column. Each column need a IO to control.).  In this way, you will easy to solder the column in the middle.

Step6  Fixing the LED cube onto the Flower protoboard. 

led cube[caption

led cube

Each anode is a column. A B C D is the cathode of each layer. So we need 16+4=20 IOs to control the 4X4X4 LED cube.

Step7  Wiring on Flower protoboard.

led cube

led cubeled cube

You can easy to wire on our Flower protoboard. Red square in the picture is 1k 0603 resistors.

Step 8  Starting play

led cube

Now you have completed the entire  process. Next you need to put it into the freaduino, and download the code.Before you start to paly it. We should briefly explain how does the LED cube work. The schematic of LED cube is very simple.

led cube

The LED cube 4x4x4 has a total of 16 transistors are used to switch on the Led columns and then another total of 4 lines to switch on or off the ground layer. So a total of 16+4 = 20 lines are needed to make the LED cube 4x4x4 work. It is important that the 4 ground layers are switched bwteen them to stwich one layer at a time and the swicthe the desired led's on the partucular layer. I believe you already have enough  understanding of  4X4X4 LED cube. Now please enjoy it.