Second batch of Flower ProtoBoard Samples has been sent

Second batch of Flower ProtoBoard Samples has been sent

Hello Guys, thanks for you interest in ElecFreaks Flower ProtoBoard. Since we released the Flower ProtoBoard, we have received many request for Flower ProtoBoard samples and many reasonable suggestions. We are working on improving the Flower ProtoBoard Series to support more function.  Thanks guys and thanks Hackaday report. Congratulations!   19 electrical engineer and hobbyist were chosen for testing our Flower ProtoBoard today.  Our second batch samples have been released.  We encourage more guys to join us.

FlowerProto Gift

  1. Randy Ledyard         -  USA
  2. Dimitri Koshkin       -  USA 
  3. Daniel Chen               -  USA 
  4. Evan Salazar             -  USA
  5. Greg Foringer           -  USA
  6. Collège François     -  Canada
  7. William Shipley       -  USA
  8. Gerd v. Egidy           -  Germany
  9. Bloomtech                 -   Germany 
  10. Lahcen Ghourabi   -  Netherland
  11. Jax Coldwolf             -  Canada
  12. Ben Oztalay               -  USA
  13. Ben Tomec               -  USA
  14. Christian Wilhelmsen   -  NORWAY 
  15. Roberto Barrios       -  SPAIN
  16. Filipp Demenschonok     -  Canada
  17. Tim Toner                 -  USA
  18. Sam Pratt                 -  USA
  19. Ian Daniher               - USA

We believe Flower ProtoBoard there are more development potential and improvement waiting for your suggestion.

So we encourage guys who are experienced engineer or with extensive welding experience, and willing to write a test comment for us. Welcome to request for free product samples. Be one of them?  It’s very simple. 

Following quick steps:

  • Step 1: Register in the website. 
  • Step 2: Write an email to  please simple explain in the email to help us know more about you .
  • Step 3:  review your request and shipping sample to you in the shortest possible time.

Of course, you can directly write an email include your information.

Happy Christmas !