A Visit to 2017 Shenzhen Maker Faire

A Visit to 2017 Shenzhen Maker Faire

Last Saturday, I had paid a visit to 2017 Shenzhen Maker Faire Exhibition with one of my colleagues. It was just November 11, Chinese annual double 11 online shopping festival. I thought few people would go there because most of them would like to stay at home and stare at their mobile phones or computers to get the best products online. To my surprise, there were still a lot of people to go there.

It was my first time to visit a fair in Shenzhen. Because we were not sensitive to directions, we followed a group of people and maker faire banners till the entrance after we came out of the subway station. We had to stand in queue before we entered into the gate. This fair was held in a campus. The scenery was beautiful and the weather was good too. I saw a lot of maker faire banners and posters. I felt very happy to visit such a beautiful place. I had carried my camera and ready to get some good picture shots.

My first station was our Elecfreaks booth. Here's our products showed in the fair. If you want to know the usage of these products, you can focus on our blogs updated later. We will explain it in detail for you.

Our colleagues were busy introducing our creations.

The fair atmosphere was quite good. People around us were attracted by the introduction of our colleagues. My colleagues were quite busy. So I entered the booth and tried to help them for a while. I was happy to play with children. They are very lovely and so clever! In the following, we had seen more interesting products. We came to a big LED screen. I saw a lot of children paint on it with wet brushes. Someone told me that every stroke painted with wet brushes, the screen would display it with LED light and finally form a pattern. That's really amazing! I couldn't help to have a try. A heart appeared on the screen. I was quite satisfied with my artwork.

We moved on, then we saw a lot of people playing sticker balls. These colorful small balls are quite adhesive. You can use it to form any shapes you want. Look! There is a tree made of these small adhesive balls. It looks just like a christmas tree with many colorful light bulbs.

We went on to walk around. We found a lot of interesting creations. Like Micro:bit board and some robots.

These creations are really very wonderful! I couldn't help to give them some shots.

LED egg light. It is made of real egg shell! It is very exquisite.

Banboo Charkha. It is actually a banboo spin device. It looks quite classical and environment protect. This device make me think of the people who live a slow and leisure life in ancient age.

Robot hand. It looks like a flexible real hand. These fingers are made by 3D printer.

A robot made with Micro:bit board. It has 12 servos in each junction and controlled by a main board connected to Micro:bit board. This robot is very cute.

Magic mirror. It is made by raspberry pi. This mirror can tell you the current time, temperature and the weather.

Some DIY music instrument. The effects are quite good! The above are some of the funny creations that I personally think it quite special. If you had visited the fair, I think you might have more interesting findings than me. The fair area is not very big actually. However, we almost walked from the east of the campus to the west of the campus. We were both very tired. After we finished our visit and prepared to go home, I had asked a foreigner to take a picture with me. I want to remember this wonderful fair. I never thought that I was so close to the whole world.