Arduino/Genuino 101 Intel Curie Learning Material-Download file

Arduino/Genuino 101 Intel Curie Learning Material-Download file

Intel Curie was leased by Intel in 2015 CES, definitely a big thing to mention. It’s named after the French scientist Curie who was not only known for her success in Chemistry but also her selflessness to mankind. So is Intel Curie.

It can be widely used for intelligent hardware, wearables and endless electronics. It’s also perfect for accelerating geeks and makers’ ideas, for it’s cheap, small, low-power, integrated with power management IC, DSP, accelerator and 6-axis gyro sensor, available to pair with any BLE and mobile devices.

Arduino/Genuino 101 Intel Curie Arduino/Genuino 101 Intel Curie

Intel Curie is embedded in Genuino 101 development board which is also low price, ideal for maker education, embed developers. In America, Genuino 101 is an integral part of Physics, earmarked for enhancing project skills through programming, collaboration and innovation.

Intel_curie_specsArduino/Genuino 101 Intel Curie

IoT and intelligent hardware are the next tech trend, as everyone knows. Knowing how to seize the opportunity and be a part of it, however, is totally up to ourselves. So here we offer an opportunity to get to learn Intel Curie. You can download the Zip file here: CurieNeurons

More information on Intel Curie:     Getting Started with the Arduino/Genuino 101 Intel Curie