Elecfreaks Black Friday Shopping Suggestions For You

Elecfreaks Black Friday Shopping Suggestions For You

Good News! We have prolonged our promotion date from Nov., 26 to No., 30, 2017. You have enough time shopping around our store! While shopping, I have some suggestions for you. Just follow me to take a look!

First, do remember to input our coupon code before you made payment.

Here's our coupon code: BSTDIS2107. Just remember to fill this code into coupon code area before settlement.

This coupon is for 30% off discount. You can apply it to most product in our online store except products under " Black Friday" column page. Most products in the list of " Black Friday " are in our lowest discount. Among them, you are enable to apply your coupon code to ELF II - VRDrone Kit For Education and Freaks3D Fully Assembled: the World's First Portable 3D Printer .

Second, pay close attention to stocks and our new posts.

You can watch out stock in the bracket beside the words "ship from".

Keep close watching for the stock of your favorite products. Once you've made your decision to buy, check its stock again to make sure it has enough quantity to meet your requirements before you make settlement.

Third, take your budget into consideration and try to pick up your most favorite one.

Maybe you are just perplexed about which products to buy because there are so many good products in front of you. You don't know how to select. Then it's time to review our own budget. How much money should we spend on this buying. Tick out some of your favorite ones and try to make its total amount within your budget.

Fourth, here are some product suggestions for you.

The following products might be good choice for you. They are either our hot-sale products or low discount product. You may take it into consideration.

ELF II - VRDrone Kit For Education

A good point why I recommend this one to you is because you are enable to own a lower price with our coupon code. And the final price you get is 69.30 USD. Pretty cheap enough, huh?

Freaks3D Fully Assembled: the World's First Portable 3D Printer

This lovely mini 3D printer will be your children's good companion. Just buy one for your kids and teach them to create their own 3D mode by themselves. They will very happy to own a present like this.

ELECFREAKS Motor:bit for Micro:bit

This is our latest new product. It is a good match for your micro:bit board because it can drive 2 motors at the same time, which save you more space for any extension modules. You will like it!

ElecFreaks Micro:bit Starter Kit(Without Micro:bit board)

This one is our best-seller product ever since it is created. It has abundant components for you to group different creations. You can plug your micro:bit into the adapter and have a try!

ElecFreaks Micro:bit Tinker Kit (Without Micro:bit Board)

This is another micro:bit accessories' pack. It is one of our latest new products and very hot too. For me, it is another good choice. Do you think so? Well, you might have a idea about what to buy now. Just move your hands and start to order!