Good Gifts For Your Children On Cyber Monday

Good Gifts For Your Children On Cyber Monday

Black Friday is gone, Cyber Moday follows to come! Our promotion continues to live! Don’t loose your heart if you still not decided which one to buy yet! There are still 4 days left for you!  

Now, lets look back to some key point of our Black Friday promotion. 

  1. Up to 75% off discount especially under the page of “Black Friday”.
  2. Up to 30% off discount for most products in our online store.
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  Still quite exciting for you, right? If you feel the itch to buy something but don’t know which to buy, then you may try some of our hot products. As you know it is a trend for today’s children to study program and electronics. And BBC has launched micro:bit boards for pupils to study program and electronics. Why not to buy a micro:bit board or a set of micro:bit accessories for your children as a gift? Maybe they are just envying some friends around them who have a board already. They will like to own one too.  

Micro:bit Board

Micro:bit Breadboard Adapter

This adapter is a good companion for your micro:bit. Just plug your micro:bit board into the balck slot, you will find it fit in so perfectly. Then you can plug the adapter onto a breaboard. It matches well too.    

ElecFreaks Micro:bit Breakout Board ( Octopus:bit)

Similar to the adapter above, this is another good companion for your micro:bit board. You can plug your micro:bit board into the top black sockect. Differently, this breakout board allows you to use less cables and extend more external modules.  

ElecFreaks Micro:bit Starter Kit

This kit has rich component for you to inspire your creation. There are colorful LED light, resistances, aligator clips, moter and buttons, etc.. You can use these little components to practice electronic knowledge you learned from school. It is quite useful!    

ElecFreaks Micro:bit Tinker Kit

This is another kit for micro:bit. For me, it is much more funny than the previous set because there is an OLED display and ADKeypad in it. That means I can use it to play games. Just imagine to play a game created by yourself! Isn’t it very funny?   If you have a micro:bit board already but would like to own the above two kits, you can try ElecFreaks Micro:bit Starter Kit(Without Micro:bit board) and ElecFreaks Micro:bit Tinker Kit (Without Micro:bit Board)  .   Well, you might have an ideal gift now. Just hurry up to order one before stocks are all out! You can miss it!