ELF VRDrone Final Version

ELF VRDrone Final Version

Cheer up guys, Elecfreaks team have completed the final version of ELF VRDroneand are preparing to ship. Winter is coming but hilariously here in Shenzhen we are wearing shorts. The last week we have seen the craziness of 11.11 shopping day, sellers, buyers, express companies all working at full blast, no less hot and fiery than the Black Friday.  What were we doing? Nothing the same with crazy online shopping netizens who stuck their eyes on the screen and kept rolling the mouse down hunting for on-sale goods. We were working on the defectives, doing drop tests, shooting ELF unpackaging video and making improvements from the following aspects:

1. Replaced material of the motor holders, previously we used Polycarbonate, now Polypropylene. Polypropylene presents higher impact resistance and better mechanical properties. By doing this, the product durability becomes better.

motor frame

2. Designed base guards. You will mount the base guards from the bottom of the drone to better protect it from crashes. They are specifically designed for beginners, 3D print compatible and optional to purchase.

base guards 3. Added up a set of stickers for your ELF personalization. Not cool at all?! You can surely come up with better themes – like Disney/WALL-E…. sticker Of course shipping is critical to you guys. We will start shipping late November. Hopefully you will get your ELF before Christmas Eve. Thanks for your supporting.