FlowerPad and Aplomb Protoboard Family

FlowerPad and  Aplomb Protoboard Family

Hi Guys, thank s for your interest in our Flowerpad Series. Since we released the first Flowerpad , we have viewed   many  comments and people told us they were deeply  impressed by the unique designning.   Right now, there are many members in this family. 

You could also request Flowerpad and Aplomb SOIC adapter Samples.  If you are an experienced engineer or a person with extensive soldering experience, or willing to write a test comment/review for us on your blog or any website, welcome to request for free product samples. Please send your request to : services@elecfreaks.com. Let's take a look and learn more :


  1. Flower 2.2 ProtoBoard-MEGA shield , this our first released flowerpad protoboard. For Arduino Mega Shield, it  is a very simple but handy, double sided perf board. Standard 2.54mm(100mil) spaced holes for DIP component soldering. Great for quickly prototyping stackable circuits.
  2. Flower-SOIC ProtoBoard-MEGA shield,  added supporting SOIC chip.  You can lay the two on top of your board and do a quick solder-tack to get it in place and electrically connected to the board.
  3. FlowerPad - NoPlated ProtoBoard 225x68mm, compared with other versions of FlowerPad, the obvious changes of this board is No Plated through pad. It is means pads on different layer is independent.

Aplomb SOIC Adapter

This Adapter board was designed by a talent engineer. His name is Nard.He sad: "Every electronics engineer knows that SMD is the future: PTH will fade-out, eventually. But for prototyping and breadboarding, SMD can be a pain. Adapters are the answer. I designed a few to show you. Let me know what you think and which are your favorite ..."

  1. Aplomb-boards SOIC8 adapters
  2. Aplomb-boards SOIC16 adapters
  3. Aplomb-boards SOIC20 adapters
  4. Aplomb-boards SOIC32 adapters
  5. Aplomb-boards TQFP44_32 adapters (0.8mm pitch)
  6. Aplomb-boards TQFP64_44adapters (0.8mm pitch)
  7. BreadBoardStrip20pos-BreadBoardAdapter Kit
  8. BreadBoardStrip39pos-BreadBoardAdapter Kit