How to Build a Christmas Car with Building Blocks

How to Build a Christmas Car with Building Blocks


Legend has it that on the night of December 24, Father Christmas flies through the sky on a sleigh pulled by nine reindeer, goes from house to house down the chimney, and quietly places presents in a stocking on a child's bed or under the Christmas tree by the fireplace.


Case Introduction

The sleigh car is the exclusive ride of Father Christmas. The work uses an ultrasonic sensor as a deer, a pair of deer feet with small pellets, a tiller to drive the deer's feet, and an MP3 sensor at the rear of the car as a body stereo. Father Christmas is wearing presents.


Equipment Required



Nezha Breakout Board *1




MP3 Module*1


Ultrasonic sensor*1


8 rainbow light rings*1




Assembly Steps

Two 1x15 blocks with perforated arms are inserted with 1x2 friction pins into a 5x7 block with perforated arms as shown in the diagram.


Insert two 20-tooth gears into a 1x15 arm block with a 1x1 cross bushing.


Two 9-hole arms and two 7-hole arms are inserted into the 20-tooth tines, using the peg connectors as the four feet of the fawn.


As shown in the picture: add a 5x7 arm circle block in the middle.


The ultrasonic sensor is held in place using two 1x2 friction pins, which act as the eyes of the Christmas deer.


Fixing 1x5 arm with hole and 3x5 H-arm.


Make a pair of antlers using the peg connector, half cross shaft half peg, 4# 135° cross shaft connector, and cross shaft connector.


Insert the 10# cross shaft inside the middle of the 5x7 arm ring


Fix the motor with the 8 rainbow light rings and the deer is ready.


Two 1x15 perforated arms are used on both sides.


Fixed with two 7# cross shafts.


Linking the deer to the Christmas car.


Christmas sleigh front mounted 3x7 with axle bolt hole double bent 45° arm.


Christmas sleigh rear mounted 3x7 with axle bolt hole double bent 45° arm.


Christmas sleigh fitted with four gears.


Installation of the motor.


Install the MP3.


5x7 holes for arm ring fixing.


Install Nezha expansion board and micro:bit


Finally, the sleigh and the deer are ready.



Now we start programming the case, using the deer to walk automatically and play Christmas music.


Step 1

Set M1 for the deer motor speed of 50%, and M2 for the Christmas Christmas sleigh car motor at 40%, the deer will walk more slowly, so set it a little slower than the sleigh car, when the micro:bit motherboard A key is pressed, the deer and Christmas sleigh car at the same time to start, B key is pressed to stop the motor, hand out gifts.


Step 2

Set a variable strip, which will be 8 rainbow light rings set pin J1 to initialize the lights with 8 LEDs. set the MP3 connection port for J2, and set a variable I for the volume level of MP3, through the voice recognition module to control the MP3 module to play music, in advance of the Christmas music downloaded into the MP3. (Note: the folder name must be two digits 01 ~ 99, such as 01 )


Step 3

Set up an infinite loop, variable trip loop pixel offset 1, trip refresh display, MP3 volume size I.





Once you have downloaded the program, the complete Christmas block sleigh car and block deer are ready, come and hand out presents with Santa.