How to build a defending Cutebot with micro:bit?

How to build a defending Cutebot with micro:bit?

Last week we’ve made a combatting robot from the Cutebot, this week I’m gonna to make a defending Cutebot and have them holding a combatting race to see which is more powerful!

Now, let’s take a look at the combatting robot we’ve made last week:

Below are the materials required in this new case:

First of all, we need to build the defending parts which require a gear connecting with bricks:

Second, we need connect the servos to the Cutebot and have the defending parts connected to the servos, here can see the details in this picture:

Third, let’s install it with a tiny attacking structure to make it more powerful, now here comes the defending Cutebot:

Are you looking forward to seeing how it works? We will show you how it works next week and if you have any idea please do feel free to contact us at