How to use the Cutebot to make a combatting robot?

How to use the Cutebot to make a combatting robot?

Hello everyone, today I will use the cutebot car to teach you how to make a combatting robot.

I will make aother robot in the future to see which is more poweful. As we all know, the robot fighting competition refers to the bipedal robot fighting competition held in Japan.

On March 20, 2010, the 17th Japan Robot Fighting Competition to enhance the physical fitness of robots kicked off in Kawasaki, Japan. Robot experts from all over Japan, South Korea, and China participated in this contest. The organizers of the tournament hope that through this event, the robots can be strengthened and served for humanity as soon as possible. Can I use the combatting robot made from Cutebot to participate in the competition?

The materials required are listed below:

First, we need to build its attacking part, it requires a gear and a servo.

Then we need to connect it to the Cutebot, for doing this we need to use some screws for connection.

A ready-in-service combatting robot is now completed after we connect the gears.

I will make more combatting robots in the future and have them combatted in a competition, are you looking forward to it? If you have any ideas or questions, pls do not hesitate to contact us through