Just 4 Days Left for the ElecFreaks Indiegogo

Just 4 Days Left for the ElecFreaks Indiegogo

The ELF VRdrone Indiegogo campaign comes to the end. Just FOUR DAYS left before it closes! At the time writing, the project has raised $111,756. ElecFreaks are very grateful for what you have done, so we'd love to express our sincere thanks to all backers who contributed and helped spread out the word. Also, pretty excited to announce each and every backer who referred will get an additional 900 mAh battery as we have already hit the $100,000 stretch goal! Scroll down on the page to check out the "Referral Progam" if you missed out. It is necessary to remind you that once 5 of your friends have purchased via your referral link, you get another drone to your package! We will publish the ELF winner within 3 days on the closing. If you are not sure, follow the steps to track the results:

1. Log in to your Indiegogo account.

2. On the top right corner, you can see your profile name. Click and find "My Contributions" in the dropdown menu. Click on the "My Contributions".


3. You can see "Rederrals" in the menu bar. Referral4. The number of people you referred, the number of people who have bought and the total amount via your unique url are listed under the tab. If you are still not familiar with it, we have been running the ELF project - the open source, selfie, 3D FPV pocket drone since last month. There are a few features that make ELF VRdrone competitive and unique, to list several:

  • ELF is expected to be used as a selfie drone, which is brand new application scenario for all drones. Once you throw out the drone to the sky, and via easy operations, it can take pictures and videos from different perspectives of you. Imagine, it is really cool.
  • Smartphone controlled.
  • 3D printed shell. Users can design their own drone shell and print out at home. With some electronic components bought here, people can actually assemble and fly it into the sky themselves. Enjoy do-it-yourself achievement!
  • Open source: software, hardware, firmware. Cut the entry barriers for drone makers.
  • 3D first-person-view(FPV) experience. We use the coolest low-cost geeky virtual reality headset - Google Cardboard to provide 3D FPV flight experience. Simply get the phone connected to the drone, slap it into the headset, you can see what the drone sees, feeling like your are piloting and it is so real because it is in 3D!

There are actually some challenges like how to ensure stable performance, whether to adapt wind resistance capability, flight time, etc..But we are optimizing, making iterations, trying to offer the best user experience of it to the last minute before the delivery. And there are some really cool features we wish to add like follow-me mode, head gesture control. So we listen to every piece of your advice to help us advance for drone development. Let's brainstorm!