Micro:bit Seesaw

micro:bit Seesaw

I am going to build a seesaw with the micro:bit, the seesaw is also known as a rocking board, it refers to a game in which something is used as a fulcrum to support a long but very narrow board on the top, so that when one side rises, the other side falls. This uses the principle of leverage and is a typical game in a children’s playground.


Materials required to build:

micro:bit x 1

Wukong expansion board x 1

Motor x 1

Bricks x N


Step 1: Structure build-up

Step 2: Install the driving part:

Step 3: The boards assembly of the seesaw

Step 4: The controller part(Power supply, connecting to Wukong board)

Step 5: Connect the micro:bit with the program downloaded:

Link: https://makecode.microbit.org/_a1Y33kJmYPrw

Front side:

Side part:

Back side:

Top side:

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