Micro:bit Walking Robot

micro:bit Walking Robot

We are going to build a walking robot with the micro:bit. We can learn coding from it and also it could be our good partners. Let’s see how it works with the below video:https://youtu.be/l0S78NAChQ4

Materials required to build:

micro:bit x 1

Wukong expansion board x 1

Motor x 1

Bricks x N

Assembly steps:

Step 1: The driving part

Step 2: the feet part

Step 3: Connect the driving parts with the feet, and get them connected with Wukong breakout board

Step 4: Download the code to the micro:bit board.

Code for loader:

Link: https://makecode.microbit.org/_Urh29qf2dYrm


If you have any ideas or opinions, please feel free to contact us via services@elecfreaks.com.