Newly Designed Structure of ELF

Newly Designed Structure of ELF

Long time without talking about ELF! We are busy in updating its new appearance design and the last structure program came out. After the revision of last time, ELF has greater performance as well as lighter weight, but we are still not satisfied with the existing improvements, we would like to make a greater upgrade in weight, appearance and performance, so we made the following new design.

1. Change the PCB frame to printer frame with lighter weight and because the PCB require no strength, a thinner, lighter PCB is also available. The most important advantage is that it can eliminate the need of six heavy motor brackets (total 9g). with the new design, the overall weight of 15-20g can be reduced.


2. Silicone pad is added. To do shock treatment for MPU6050 SENSOR and IPCAM can effectively eliminate the electrical shock caused by motor instead of more stable flying and more clear picture quality. This design makes use of the battery itself as a counterweight suspension to avoid adding an extra heavy object for increasing the effect of eliminating shock.


3. The bulky shell of WIFICAM becoming more compact with lighter weight and wasting shorter time to print. Left is for the newly designed WIFICAM shell, the right is the old one.


4. Battery shell is more thinner and lighter, the printing time is also shortened a lot.


5. The compact case design  is more concise and beautiful without any devices and disorderly wires exposed any more. New design


Old design


The new design will be thinner and lighter.


The silicone mat is added to the feet of new design, so landing can be more gentle without fear of being broken.


The new 4-layer PCB design, smaller PCB area as well as more stable and reliable.